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Mediate a workplace dispute – case study

We were instructed by an employee representative to propose mediation to an employer in a bid to mediate a workplace dispute. We contacted the employer and explained the mediation process to them. They were quickly able to see how beneficial it can be to mediate a workplace dispute.

We then liaised with all parties to agree a suitable date, and we sourced and booked a neutral venue for the mediation. The parties were now in a position to mediate a workplace dispute.

The mediation involved an employee accused of theft by the employer. The employee suffered from physical and psychological illness during their employment.

The workplace dispute had put so much stress on the employee that they had been absent from work for several months. The dispute was debilitating for the employee’s health, and equally damaging to the health of the business as it was taking up a lot of resources.

The parties had not spoken for several months, and for the entire mediation the employee felt unable to be in the same room as the employer representatives or even risk seeing them in communal areas.

We shuttled between the parties in their private rooms, and also held several joint meetings between the employer and the employee representative. After several hours a solution was reached and, in a big moment for the employee, everybody came together so that apologies (and hugs) could be exchanged.

The decision of the parties to mediate a workplace dispute meant they were able to resolve a long-running dispute in just one day. This then allowed everybody involved to put the dispute behind them and move on with their lives.

Choosing to mediate a workplace dispute can help a business to save time and money by resolving a dispute quickly and effectively. You can find more information about our workplace mediation service here.

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Chris Murphy, CEO of regional organisation - "We have had cause to use Mediatelegal recently and I was delighted with their service. the mediator was patient during a very emotional and somewhat difficult situation but handled it beautifully. We saved a significant amount of money and would highly recommend this organisation to anyone wishing to avoid costly legal bills."

16th August 2017

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