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Mediation Fee -what is it and when should it be paid?

If you’ve ever wondered at what point the mediation fee must be paid, then this article is for you.

Obviously we can’t speak for other mediation providers, but we’ll use this article to clarify when Mediatelegal requires payment of its fees.

Mediatelegal Mediation Fee – A Fixed Fee Service

We’ve tried to be as transparent as possible – all of our mediation fees are calculated as one single payment.  This fee includes all:-

  • pre-reading by the mediator
  • administrative work in arranging the mediation, the venue etc.
  • administrative work following the mediation

Our mediation fee doesn’t include any overnight travel expenses of the mediator, or the cost of hiring a neutral venue & arranging lunch & refreshments.

We’ve set out our fees on each section of the website (civil mediation, commercial mediation etc.) so that everybody can access our fee structure.

When Do You Pay The Mediation Fee?

We require payment of the mediation fee (and any other costs such as venue fee, lunch, overnight travel – if applicable) no later than 14 day before the date of the mediation. This allows us to secure the mediator & venue for the mediation date.

Importantly, it also demonstrates your commitment to the mediation process.

Sound Straightforward?

Hopefully it does, because it should be straightforward. When you’re involved in a dispute you don’t need the process of booking a mediation to be difficult or obtuse. That’s why we charge a fixed, advertised fee for our work.

How Is A Mediation Arranged?

If you would like to know how we arrange a mediation for you, you should read this blog post!

Why Should We Use Mediation?

We believe strongly that mediation offers a better, quicker & cheaper way to resolve disputes without going to court. But don’t just listen to us, here’s a guest article setting out the benefits of mediation.

Spread The Mediation Message.

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